Brick and Bubble Revolution (by Digital Chocolate)

Brick and Bubble Revolution Brick and Bubble Revolution (by Digital Chocolate)

Test your skills with a stunning game “Brick & Bubble Revolution”!

Two games in one – Arkanoid and balls. You will find a lot of fascinating minutes, the crazy bonuses and much more!
Improve your skills while destroying blocks with more than 20 crazy power-ups including smart bombs, shock wave and ball of fire in career mode and challenge. Burst bubbles with enhancements including the revolutionary bomb colors, fiery crater and reverse in career mode and challenge. [Read more…]

Puzzle 2 (by AMA)

Puzzle 2 Puzzle 2 (by AMA)


Puzzle 2 – the next evolution of award winning Sky Blox – is a fun and interactive game that will train your wits, logic and strategic skills! Play tons of addictive puzzles, as each level gets even more trickier. You can also test your skills by choosing the Random Play of levels. [Read more…]

Cyberlords: Arcology (by HandyGames)

Cyberlords Arcology Cyberlords: Arcology (by HandyGames)

Powerful NanoGear implants grant superhuman ablities and transform bodies into deadly weapons. Lead your four-man team of augmented cyber-warrior on dangerous inflitration mission. Hack into camera systems and computer terminals, take over security robots and lure enemies into ambushes with mines and sentry gund. Free the future! [Read more…]

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Mobile (by GLU)

Warriors of Rock Mobile Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Mobile (by GLU)

Rock’s gauntlet has been thrown down – accept the challenge and transform from Rock Star to Rock Warrior in Guitar Hero™: Warriors of Rock! As Johnny Napalm, your story begins at the legendary CBGB club in New York. Master the first setlist in the all-new Career/Quest Mode and unlock “Warrior Johnny” and his special “Speed Freak” ability. Continue your quest by mastering setlists – unlocking new songs, venues and a second playable Warrior along the way – until you’re ready to face The Beast in an epic battle to the finish! Or hone your chops in Practice/Training Mode where you can rehearse playing any unlocked song. Dig deep into rock opuses by bands like the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, AFI, and Slash (featuring Ian Astbury) while completing a chromatic collection of Guitar Hero Achievements. The familiar gameplay of past Guitar Hero games combined with superb game controls designed to melt faces – not fingers – make Warriors of Rock a must-have for mobile gamers. The fate of Rock is in your hands! [Read more…]

Mega Tower Assault (by Gameloft)

Mega Tower Assault Mega Tower Assault (by Gameloft)

The shores are being invaded and the base must be protected. Various towers and units are at the player’s disposal as they repel the invaders. The invaders are not without their own technology, however, as they will be sending the best they have to offer in the form of bombers, tanks and soldiers. Experience intense fun with this streamlined tower defense game that brings impressive innovations to the genre with neutral units, touch controls, leaderboards and interactive maps. [Read more…]