Assasin’s Creed HD (S60v5)

assassins creed hd Assasins Creed HD (S60v5)

Assassin’s Creed HD is considered to be one of the most legendary game in its genre, Assassin’s Creed HD brings you much closer to what game play should always be like. This game offers an extensive set of levels which are entirely different from each other in almost every aspect. Assassin’s Creed HD offers you with a total of 23 highly detailed and extensive levels before you can finish this game. This game is quite long as it is however it is very entertaining throughout, rest assured you will not be bored whats over.

assassins creed 20090413105216106 640w Assasins Creed HD (S60v5)


  1. is there any assasins creed hd for s60v3?

  2. hey Windy bro i think that this game work even on nokia S60v5 phones is not only for Samsung and Se

  3. Hey gelus,this worked in your 5230?

  4. Na doesnt work on nokia 5800..
    fails to start

  5. Na doesnt work on nokia 5800..
    fails to start

  6. I try on Satio, btu won’t start.
    why this HD game just 5 mb?
    Usually HD have more than 30 mb.

  7. Idont think game is for s60v5..
    Its for s60v3

  8. no 5530 pega?
    é que principe percia pego no meu
    e foi no link do satio

  9. yes ,but the wallpaper prooves its s60 v5 ,because there is no s60 v3 with TOUCHSCREEN!

  10. is it available in nokia 5800 xpressmusic? thanks

  11. How did it work on 5230?
    It opens and closes automatically on 5800

  12. Guys link is broken
    it says file has been deleted
    please reupload th 4shared or mediafire

  13. Link dead. Please reupload

  14. Links have been pwned! Please re-upload!!

  15. secretSATIOhacker4fun says:

    reupload plzzzz links are dead …. they are F*cked up ..

  16. this game is not working on my nokia 5230 what should i do please help.

  17. don`t download this because is invalid!!!!!!!!

  18. would ya consider to reupload it?
    the link was dead

  19. good

  20. Reaupload plese

  21. how will download that

  22. plz..reupload

  23. its a fake HD … the original GD game is like 160mb
    ive played the trialverson of the game and this is nthing like it!

  24. this is for s^3 not s60v5. The pic is from android and i phone.

  25. nasri??? u know how to sign the game.. if know,, you’ll know that game will can install to all s60 phone.

  26. luit saikia says:

    fck off windy. . . What is dis. .itz nt working in omnia HD. .

  27. That game screenshot above is S3 because iphone and andriod graphics details is more than that shot above….

  28. Worked in my nokia 5233 great!!!

  29. This game is NOT fake, worked on my nokia 5233.

  30. wer s the link

  31. Does it work on samsung galaxy s GT i900

  32. Hmm…. Why all are saying HD gmes doesn’t work on Nokia phones.
    Nokia phones has a 3D graphics hardware (nt GPU).
    So, i’ve been playing HD games on 5233 from a long times.
    Games include: Asphalt4 HD (no lag, crashes on overload)
    Prince of Persia (11MB, little lag on full sound 9-10.5 fps)
    No lags on, raging thunder, wave blazer, spider man toxic city.
    And super lag on Rally master pro (46Mb) which I renamed laggy master pro

  33. these game doesn’t work on any s60v5 device. its only for symbian ^3

  34. yusuf hendra says:

    wah sulit abis

  35. vinod kapoor says:
  36. jaoooao says:

    PLEASEEEEEEE re-up this gameeeeeeee

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