FlipFont : Change Your Fonts

FlipFont FlipFont : Change Your Fonts

Monotype Imaging’s FlipFont™ mobile font download solution allow users to personalize and enhance their phones, making them more appealing and fun to use. Users are able to select a font for use in their device’s user interface. Through the FlipFont application, users can easily connect to an online selection of fonts, choose the typeface, purchase the font and safely download and install it to their mobile phone. The FlipFont application also lets users browse fonts currently installed on their phone and select a typeface from the list to be used by the phone.

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FlipFonts123 FlipFont : Change Your Fonts


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(version: 5.2.1)


  1. not suppotin to e71

  2. x6 is not supported ??

  3. x6 is not supported ?? please help!

  4. e5 not supported?

  5. n8 is not supported… ?

  6. invalid or deleted file. pls update server…

  7. Urom gndwin o says:

    I need it

  8. i want flipfont for my phone.

  9. Nokia C5-05 ka app. is not available. Kindly help to download &install….

  10. hi friend go to http://forum.dailymobile.net find there u will get the new version of flip font or look at mobile9.com

  11. daviesunyz says:

    my nokia phone 6730 is not takin d flipfont effect.plz help

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